Straight haired person: Just comb it!
Curly haired person:

Happy 22nd Birthday, Demi! (August 20, 1992)

orphan black meme: 4 relationships [2/4] » felix and kira

"It’s like the whole idea that, you know, when it’s a full moon weird stuff happens, right? So at night time, weirder stuff seems to happen in the hospital because that’s when the crazies come out" - Eoin Macken about ’The Night Shift First Look’ (x).

Les Choristes (2004)

Happy 32nd Birthday, Sophia! ♥ (July 8th, 1982)


You need not be scared of m e. Nor anyone else here, so long as I’m w i t h  y e.” “When you’re not with m e?”